Roadmap v0.1

By | June 22, 2017

Hey guys, Inkha here. I’m working on organizing the path that we should travel to realize the fullest potential and reap the most enjoyment from our amazing community. There are a lot of awesome people working on projects for GoldPieces, and we’re super appreciated of them. Which brings me to my first topic.


One of my first goals is setting up an IRC channel and a forum where we all can collaborate and people can go to get more information. This will help us all network and work together, and also help developers who may not be experienced with Bitcoin yet the ability to get the information they need in real time. This will let me get in touch with developers, graphic designers, marketers, and players that I can work with to really start manifesting these ideas.


The Wallets!

The wallet right now is pretty bland, We will have the wallet redesigned with a retro feel. Investors and developers will be using the downloadable wallet while players will likely gravitate towards the online wallet. An online wallet that allows for players to gain interest on their balances is an amazing idea that I think people will love.

*Software wallet re-design,
*Online wallet service, Interest on balances (from Proof of stake)

The Games!

First of all, we have this awesome game called Valerian Universe by CryptoDatabase, and it’s an amazing strategy turn based game that is loads of fun and definitely gets your mind turning once you get into it! You can also play the classic Snake game and earn GP while you play!

Once the GoldPieces community itself is organized I will be starting a company “GP Studios” where I will be hiring developers to help build and maintain games. These will range from mobile phone games, to browser based games. My goal is to have an actual company I head with the sole purpose of building and running games for GoldPieces.

Aside from GP Studios there are several developers working on games for GP, and there are game owners that will integrate GP into their game once there is an easy way to do so.

En route!

*Wallet Re-design
*Online Wallet
*Game Development

One thought on “Roadmap v0.1

  1. CaptainD

    Good to see GP getting some updates. It’s been in limbo for a long time but I’ve always liked this coin and believe that with a few games actively using it, we can see it rise again.


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