New service! Check out the GoldPieces Richlist

By | October 1, 2017

The GoldPieces rich list provided by is a great tool for analyzing the distribution of coins on the network. A huge round of applause and thanks to TeamDisaster for paying the fee to have the rich list enabled for us, he truly has nothing but love for GoldPieces, and is a stand up community member doing more than is required of him for the betterment of the community as a whole, and his game Captain Disaster looks like it’s going to be hilarious and fun!

This rich list is really cool! It gives some great insight on how the coin is distributed! Lucky for us the coin seems relatively evenly distributed, a reflection of the well prepared for, flawlessly executed, perfectly timed coin distribution we pulled off back in 2015 when this whole she-bang started! There’s a few addresses that hold large percentages of coins, but one thing I’ve noticed after having watched the markets over the years, is there will be a redistribution of wealth after we see the first big rise in value. Many of the large sellers will sell off a considerable amount of their coin, allowing new investors and loyal community members to scoop up coins after the price has fallen back down a bit from the first pump. Watching markets is extremely fun, and it’s interesting once you really have a grasp on what is happening and why!

We hope you enjoy the new GoldPiece’s Rich List, and it adds another service to your arsenal of research and speculation tools weather for fun, profit, or both! 🙂

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