Mobile friendly GUI for Halhan RPG

By | October 4, 2017

Halhan is a magical world full of beast, guides, potions, and swords. Today we re-coded the layout so it works on mobile browsers! enchant.js also features a on-screen directional pad, allowing players to navigate the map on their phones and tablets as well, since they don’t have directional buttons. The game uses GoldPieces as the in-game currency, for example one fish or piece of iron may cost 0.00001 GP, but we will allow users to switch between viewing  in GP to mGP to make reading prices easier.

Halhan is a mix between a browser based game, and a 2d game retro styled NES game. For example upon entering shop the screen will go from the map view to a shop view, showing the inventory and items you can purchase there. The NPC and PvP battling is turn based, and allows for a more strategic approach allowing for a wide array of strategies and character builds. Aside from battling there will be crafting, which is making putting various resources together to create new items. These will be location based, for example you can only use the iron in the black smiths shop, and then you can use a crafting recipe like 1 iron, sword mold, and an enchanted fire stone to create an enchanted fire sword.

Other aspects of the item crafting skill will include potion creation, and jewelry forging. There’s a ton of combinations that can be put together using this method, and I look forward to coming up with all sorts of cool item recipes!

Drink up! These are the Health, Prana, and Stamina potions, I have a few great artist but a lot of them are very busy if any of our community members are good at drawing this kind of art!

The magic skill will determine which spells a player can use, multiple spell books will be available, all having their own ups and downs to balance things out. I think having so many options in character setups will make PvP battles really fun, and we can allow people to duel for items and gp!

Depositing GoldPieces will be easy, and there also will be market allowing other coins to be deposited and traded for the in-game currency!

I look forward to playing with everyone! and hearing everyone’s ideas while we build this game. It’s been a dream of mine for awhile, and it’s fun to see it finally all coming together. The game is looking to have an alpha launch in the next few weeks, where everyone is welcome but there will most likely be a reset before official launch by the end of 2017, beginning of 2018!

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