reaches 11,000+ staking weight! A New High!

By | October 2, 2017 is a faucet for GoldPieces that also allows you to stake your coins if you have more than 1 GP in your balance. It does this by giving you a staking %, and when there is a freshly minted coin, it splits the coin among all the members of the staking pool according to their stake %! The pool split the coins on the site into piles of 50 GP and 100 GP to improve our staking rate.

Today we reached a new high! The staking rate is above 11,000 and we’re averaging around 5 new stakes per day between 1 and 2.5GP! These numbers will only get better as the coins mature and more people join the staking pool. I have a feeling more and more smaller holders will make the move into the staking pool as it grows so they can earn more coins staking then they normally would! The bare minimum you need to start staking is 1 GP, and you can easily get that in the faucet if you are persistent! Head on over to today and start collecting your free GP, or deposit your coins and start staking with us.

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