GP market cap reaches a new high! And we’re looking for artists to help with Halhan

By | October 14, 2017

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic week. The GoldPieces market cap has soared up over 250k! A quarter of a million dollars and this is just the beginning! Our target goal for 2018 is $1 per GP, giving us a market cap of around 2.7m USD. We have a strong team, A great community, and some solid projects in the works! The more resources we acquire as the value of GP rises, will only lead to more projects being developed and at a faster rate! It truly is an exciting time to be a GoldPieces holder.

The Halhan RPG is coming together nicely, there is much art work to be done and thus we’re always looking for any skilled artist in our community to step forward and let us know your pricing. There are many items left to be drawn, and we need tiles if you’re a pixel artist as well.

Here’s a few cool new items we have had created for the game, We also need NPCs drawn in both pixel form and drawn versions like the weapons shown above. From right to left we see the Ice Axe, Grass Blade, Cloud Sword, Fire Axe. These are based upon the elements which you will notice play an important role in the world of Halhan. We’re shooting for an open beta release in November, with a full release in early 2018!

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