GoldPieces market cap surpasses $130,000 (31 BTC)!

By | September 29, 2017

The GoldPieces market cap made a pretty decent sized jump this past week! Nearly doubling in value from ~0.03 cents to ~0.05 cents per GP. The GoldPieces listing on has us listed as having a money supply of 1.2m coins. It seems that their system doesn’t automatically update each coins money supply which is understandable considering the massive number of coins they monitor on the exchanges and list.

In reality since GoldPieces is a staking coin we have a larger money supply since this listing was created in 2015, I have however contacted their support to update our listings fields, which should bring our ranking up a good bit once the support ticket is processed!

According to’s live network and economy information we actually have a money supply of 2.6m and a total market cap of 130k USD. Reaching this 130k market cap is a huge achievement even if it is just a number and volume is what we really need to start working on. Volume will rise as more games, and stores emerge, right now our volume is purely fueled by speculative investors and not any players or shoppers from the gaming niche, once we have more shops and games available, volume will rise due to more people wanting to use GoldPieces to fund their game characters, or buy a cool retro game system listed on a GP powered store.

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