Check out the new GP Faucet/Staking Pool

By | September 23, 2017

Hey guys, Inkha here. I recently developed a Faucet for GP that doubles as an online wallet and a staking pool! When the pool gets stakes it is distributed to users depending on the % of total coins you hold in the staking pool. You can collect up to 0.1 GP per half hour right now as well, which we may increase or decrease as the faucet balance grows. You can donate to the faucet by using the deposit address found at the bottom of

I think this staking pool will help new users, you can collect from the faucet, and let your faucet earnings stake! Earning more and more for free! or you can deposit to earn an even bigger share of the pools stakes! The Staking pool is also good for people who don’t want to have their wallet open and running 24/7 on their computer, this way they can stake all the time, and possible earn more then they would staking alone!

There is also live up to date stats on the networks status, coin value, total coins in circulation, and market stats, all updated every few minutes! I hope you like the new Faucet/Staking pool, stay tuned for more projects being developed and released for the community!


If you want to help support me and my projects, please donate to: GWMd9xPWyzHqUQ1xBnGL7FScT4XGxB8zXA

Much love,


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