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GoldPieces Whitepaper

Hey guys, Inkha here. This is the most up to date whitepaper released thus far. It is subject to change and will be enhanced has time progresses. It’s a great read for anyone looking to start understanding what GoldPieces is and what the plans for progress and development are in the future. Give it a… Read More »

Roadmap v0.1

Hey guys, Inkha here. I’m working on organizing the path that we should travel to realize the fullest potential and reap the most enjoyment from our amazing community. There are a lot of awesome people working on projects for GoldPieces, and we’re super appreciated of them. Which brings me to my first topic.


The benefits of having an online currency such as GoldPieces are many. One of the major benefits is in giving the players the ability to move their hard earned currency in between the games they enjoy. We realize one major roadblock in reaching this goal is having an easy to use wallet for people who… Read More »